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Banks won't lend on a house they don't like


A prospective buyer for your home may see all the potential that you did when you first bought it, but banks and other mortgage lending institutions simply do not possess the necessary imagination.  This becomes an issue when your buyer tries to finance the purchase of your home. If the bank doesn’t agree with the purchase price or believes there are major repairs needed – they won’t write a loan to purchase the house. Factors that may prevent a bank from writing a loan for the purchase of your house include:

  • Faulty HVAC system
  • Unpermitted construction (interior or exterior)
  • Foundation flaws or water leaks
  • Needed roof repairs
  • Unremedied lead paint (homes built prior to 1978)
  • Unremedied asbestos insulation (homes built prior to 1977)
  • Faulty or sub-code electrical panel
  • Septic system issues

Any of these issues may prevent buyers from purchasing your home through traditional sales and will need to be fixed. These costly and potentially lengthy repairs can be avoided by selling to a cash buyer who doesn’t require bank approval or inspection. These types of sales are usually quick and can be completed based on the sellers scheduling needs. To find out more about a cash sale option contact us at Info@HeirloomHS.com 

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